About Our Clinic…


Dr Ezgi Özkan Özben graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2005 and has worked at various private health institutions in Ankara and Antalya. She has been serving at her office since 2011.

Dr Ezgi Özkan Özben is a member of the AEDA (Association of Aesthetic Dentistry Academy). She closely follows domestic and foreign training seminars and applies the latest treatment approaches at her clinic.

Dr Ezgi Özkan Özben also follows alternative (auxiliary) applications in dentistry. She utilises Reiki practices and a range of hypnotism techniques to help patients who have dental phobias.

Dr Ezgi Özkan Özben is dedicated to meeting the expectations of her patients with the most appropriate and the most realistic methods of treatment, both materially and ethically.  You can find more information on her applications in the treatment section.

A sincere and warm Smile

I value life and people: for that reason, I love and respect my job. The best part of this job is seeing the sincere, beautiful smile on someone’s face as they leave the office.

Dr Ezgi Özkan Özben, Dentist

Call us at 0242 230 48 88 during business hours on weekdays or contact us through info@dtezgiozkan.com