At present, composite fillings are among dentistry’s most conservative treatments methods. Direct composite fillings are the best option for treating small or medium-sized cavities.


Composite fillings are used as an alternative in the treatment of cavities:

  • To restore brokenand worn teeth usingspecial composite filling materials;
  • To close thegapsbetween the teeth, byapplying a special technique, without causing tissue loss in other teeth;
  • As a viable option for resolving minor irregularities or the tooth’s easthetic appearance.

In certain cases, the application of direct composite fillings can carry long-term risks, and the dentist may find it useful to apply indirect composite fillings (composite inlays and onlays). In this method, as in the fabrication of porcelain fillings, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth; based on this impression, the composite filling is produced of special material in a laboratory environment. During the patient’s next visit, the treatment is completed by bonding the filling into the teeth.

Please consult your dentist for detailed information.