Why is fluoride important for teeth health?


Fluoride strengthens the enamel – the outer layer on the teeth – and helps prevents tooth decay. It can even reduce or stop further development of the existing decay.


Fluoride given to children during tooth development strengthens the enamel and leads to formation of more robust enamel tissue.


If a cavity is just getting started and is difficult to notice, fluoride treatments may be able to help restore the enamel tissue. A treatment can effectively treat sensitive teeth and helps eliminate the bacteria that cause gum diseases.


Fluoride tablets and topical fluoride gel;

Fluoride tablets :

  • Fluoride tablets are used in regions where the drinking water contains an insufficient amount of fluoride; they are also prescribed for children with a high risk of tooth decay.
  • Fluoride tablets are not recommended for women during pregnancy, and upto sixmonths following the delivery.
  • If necessary, fluoride tablets may be given upon a physician’s recommendation, depending on the content of fluoride in the drinking water as of six months and the age of the baby.

Fluoride gel:

This protective treatment is performed only by a dentist. In this procedure, fluoride is applied on the teeth to strengthen the tooth structure and increase resistance to decay. The protective and restorative effects of fluoride treatments increase when applied regularly.


Please consult your dentist for detailed information.